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Hey, it´s just me...

There is nothing spectacular to say.

Several years ago I´m just slided into this business, almost coincidentally.

Never thought I would work as model, acting or create some music, but finally all that happens within a very short time period.

After my first job as an extra on an ORF Series, my next one was planned also as an Extra for a french movie production.

As I walked to the set, the director steps forward to me and said

"Hey you, whats your name - you will be here for a long time today, sorry, but I need you as an actor tonight".

About 13 hours later, I got my first words to say on a movie.

"Hey there - somebody at home?".

Actually I never saw that movie, i guess it has only shown on french television.

Following a lot of jobs as an extra or litte jobs as actor I´ve started to work as helping hand for productions and cordinator for extras.

In 2020 I´ve started to create music during the Covid crisis.

Create music - yes, because I´m not a musician, I just love almost any kind of music, especially music from the 80´s - but who loves not this music.



Feel free to contact me thru E-mail for every reason, except SPAM.


Hans Peter Edlmayer

Fischapromenade 7, 2431 Kleinneusiedl

+43 2230 / 8201

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